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Summit Waste and Recycling


At Summit Waste & Recycling, we prioritize safety through meticulous hiring practices and training, while our commitment to unparalleled service and value creation reflects our dedication to continuous improvement and respect for all stakeholders.


We are committed to safe hiring practices (background checks & excellent MVR histories) and training for safety (advanced driving and operating techniques). Summit is a participating member of industry leading safety programs.


We are committed to providing unparalleled industry service. We know our customers have a choice… we will work passionately to be that choice.


We strive to add value in everything we do. Creating service offerings and identifying synergies that provide a better customer experience is our standard.


We respect the time and efforts of our stakeholders. We will react positively and timely to all communications, concerns, and requests.


We believe in continuous improvement, in ourselves, our service, and how our company is perceived.

Respect For Others

We respect people, property, and the planet and believe this fundamental value is the foundation for effective and meaningful relationships.

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