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Summit Waste and Recycling


CartCare™ is an exclusive service that keeps your Summit cart clean and deodorized all year round. Summit Waste & Recycling is the only waste collection company in Colorado providing this curbside service to customers. Waste & recycling carts can be filled with harmful bacteria and piercing odors – our mobile CartCare™ service eliminates odor and bacteria-laden carts using 3000 psi, 180-degree hot water, it’s the ultimate shower for your cart!

Summit Special:

Pre-pay for one year of waste, or waste + recycling service and receive 3 CartCare™ service credits for FREE! Credits can be used anytime during your 12-month service period and are equal to the number of visits per service address, not the number of carts on account, example:
I have 1 Summit cart = 1 service credit (cleans 1 cart)
I have 2 Summit carts = 1 service credit (cleans 2 carts)
* minimum of 1-week notice is required for Summit Special services
** CartCare™ is available to customers with Summit carts

CartCare™ Individual Pricing:

1 Cart = $15 per quarter
2 Carts = $21 per quarter
3 Carts = $26 per quarter
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